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The Gryphon combines the speed, agility and vision of the eagle, with the strength, courage, and majesty of the lion.

People create brand perceptions all the time based on every interaction they have with a brand, its touch-points, products and services, and what they hear from others.

Let’s create meaningful human experiences..

What do people desire?
A sense of belonging, identity, more knowledge, better connections,
the ability to create and above all – freedom.

We look at audiences to find out what human experiences (HX) they seek. Then we address these fundamental human needs through engagement via brand experiences on relevant media platforms and activations. While we do this, we look also at how we can maximise your brands functional and transactional needs through these customer experience (CX) in order to convert people into customers and brand ambassadors.

In this way, we are able to deliver meaningful brand experiences that build relevance and value for customers, employees and partners.